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The Ram Mandir should be built at Ayodhya.

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Partition in 1947 was good for Hindus?

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Kashmir is an integral and unequivocal part of India?

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Should the government exercise control over Hindu temples and mathas?

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Should India have the same laws for all citizens, in the form of a uniformcivil code?

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Should the government subsidize education in religious educational institutions such as missionary schools and madrasas?

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Should the government subsidize education based on need and poverty levels?

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Economic liberalization and market economy are necessary for India to prosper.

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India's private sector should play a larger role in defence manufacturing and to help ensure that India has a robust army and strong national defence.

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Education (both schools and universities) should be permitted as a for-profit activity.

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Aadhaar and other digital technologies are necessary to ensure ease of living, ease of doing business and efficiency in government.

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India is the civilizational home of all Indic faiths, the CAA is necessary to provide shelter to persecuted minorities from Islamic theocracies.

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Subject to institutional and human rights safeguards, the government should create a nationwide National Register of Citizens to identify and record who all citizens are.

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